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Against schools accommodating for religious observances

His work grew beyond hisstrength, and Heraclas joined him in the catechetical school.

23, 33) and information from those acquainted with Origen (ib. His account of the most critical period of Origen's life, his retirement from Alexandria, was given in bk. of his Apology, which he composed with the help of Pamphilus (ib. Of modern authorities, see Tillemont, Mmoires; Lardner, Credibility; Ceillier, Auteurs sacrs; Lumper, Hist.

Ambrose provided him with more than seven shorthand writers () to take down his comments and other scribes to make fair copies (Eus. But the exhibition of this new power was accompanied by other signs of a bold originality which might well startle those unfamiliar with the questionings of philosophy. Under such circumstances it is not surprising that Demetrius yielded, in the words of Eusebius, to the infirmity of human nature (ib.

John marked him out more decisively than before as a teacher in the church even more than in the school.

Demetrius had probably shewn clear unwillingness to admit him to the priesthood. In 231 he left Alexandria never to return; and his influence to the last is shewn by the fact that he "left the charge of the catechetical school" to his coadjutor Heraclas (Eus.

At length, having completed his mission, he returned to Alexandria, where he could not have been unprepared for the reception which awaited him from Demetrius. John shews how deeply he felt the severance of old ties and the hostility of former colleagues. Demetrius unquestionably laid great stress on formal irregularities (Eus. Nor again was anything done by Dionysius, the successor of Heraclas, another devoted scholar of Origen, who still continued his intercourse with his former master (ib. Whatever the grounds of Origen's condemnation, the judgment of the Egyptian synod was treated with absolute disregard by the bishops of Palestine, Arabia, Phoenicia, and Achaea (Hieron.

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des trois premiers sicles (1858-1877); Boehringer, Kirchengesch.

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