Are rex and gigi still dating in real life

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Are rex and gigi still dating in real life

Infuriated that Rex continued to spend time with Gigi and Shane, Adriana blackmailed Dorian into investigating Brody Lovett.

With her wedding date fast approaching, Adriana feared Gigi could possibly ruin her big day.

Although Rex was happy to see Gigi, Gigi appeared angry.

While they were still involved, Rex had left town without telling Gigi. Gigi came close to revealing a secret to Rex, but decided against it after learning that Rex was preparing to propose to his girlfriend, Adriana.

Ultimately, Rex and Adriana went through with their wedding while Gigi allowed Brody back into her life for Shane's sake.

Gigi tried to move on without Rex but neither was able to stay away from the other. Each took steps to keep Gigi and Rex apart but to no avail. Free to be a couple, Gigi told Rex the truth about Shane's paternity. Shane resented his mother's relationship with Rex and didn't even attempt to hide it.

Gigi experienced a difficult time making ends meet, but she did everything possible to support her son.

Because Shane suffered from asthma, Gigi would often miss work to care for the child.

Upon learning Gigi was aware of Marcie's whereabouts, Ramsey and Todd kidnapped Shane in an attempt to make Gigi talk.

Determined to prevent Gigi and Rex from getting any closer by reuniting her with Brody, Adriana bribed Brody into coming to Llanview.

As Adriana continued to plot against Gigi, Brody gave her some devastating news the night before her wedding - Rex Balsom was Shane's real father.

As Rex prepared to leave the diner, Shane entered and Gigi quickly escorted the child out of the room.

When Todd arrived in town and posted a reward for the capture of Marcie and baby Tommy's safe return, Gigi confronted Marcie about her true identity.

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