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Chameleon social network dating script

The ABK headquarters, based in the USA, developed a strategy where the product, i.e.

The ABK Software Development Department is divided into 3 sub-departments: a) The Core ABKs main software development team, who are involved in the development of Chameleon, Oryx, etc. b) 3D-City Department the guys responsible for the development of the 3D-City module, which allows Internet users to roam around a three-dimensional world 'socializing' with other users in real time. c) Flash Profile Department a team of Flash coders, specializing in the development of a custom-structured online profiles feature for ABKs software line.All the functions of Chameleon PHP dating script can be tested online in the Demo section, with a fully-functional Admin Control Panel, Oryx and PHP Social Network just try before you buy!So, the This PHP dating script is too good to be true phrase is completely incorrect and erroneous.d) ABK-Experts is a remote team of outsourced specialists, mostly made up of ABKs former coders, who offer custom programming work (modding) for owners of ABKs software solutions.Graphics and Design Department ABKs Graphics and Design Department is a 'busy hive' where Web-Designers, HTML and PHP coders, Flash Designers and 2D/3D Artists collide to form a squad, which is in charge of producing the layouts, skins and designs for ABKs products.

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ABK endeavors to let anyone make dating site, PHP community and social network resources easy to setup and manage.