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Not because they are born that way, but because they are Americans. And for PT blogger Marc Bekoff's take on kinky sex in the animal world, click here.I hope the North Carolina legislature comes to its senses quickly. Hal Herzog is professor of psychology at Western Carolina University.Polls show that North Carolinians are roughly evenly divided over the law, and even psychologists in the state disagree about it. Carl Mumpower, a clinical psychologist and conservative activist, recently defended the law in a column he writes for the Asheville Citizen-Times (here).Mumpower wrote, “Those reveling in the LGBTQ game plan are at odds with nature and the faith that formed our world." I am also a North Carolina psychologist.For example, for different reasons, we both think that “being born that way” is a poor reason for granting equal rights to LGBTQ individuals.Scientists have found that biological factors including genes and prenatal hormones play a role in sexual orientation.I mean here we are, literally begging for men to be allowed into girls toilets and in the process, making comparisons to animals who practice homosexuality, necrophilia & rape. If people took off the victim hat just for a second, they would realise that the law was put in place precisely to stop predators using the law to get access to young girls bathrooms.It was never made to say TG people were a danger etc - but once you have the victims hat on, it's hard to take it off ....

The legislatures in several other states are now considering similar legislation.

Leviticus clearly spells it out—homosexuals should be killed.

Similarly, the Bible dictates that adulterers, women who are not virgins when they marry, and urban rape victims are to be stoned to death.

By erroneously equating what is “natural” with what is “good” and by selectively interpreting the Bible, they think it makes perfect sense to deny equal rights to non-gender conforming individuals.

In contrast, I hold that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in our country deserve the same rights as any other citizen.

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