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The unnamed plaintiff claims he regained consciousness during the assault — while Cabanero was holding him down — before he passed out again.

The accuser also claims he underwent a “highly invasive and humiliating rape examination” at the hospital and reported the incident to the police.

So you run to an attorney screaming “wrongful termination.” But what makes the termination “wrongful?

” There is no State or Federal law guaranteeing the right to wear aquatic ties.

Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members must update their information to make sure they still qualify for health coverage. We offer this information to give you a better understanding of the concept of at-will employment, so that when you do consult with an attorney, the conversation will be more efficient and productive.This site is devoted to explaining this important legal concept.The employer offers to pay a set amount for a given service, and the employee accepts. So, if you are working for someone else, first understand that you have a contract.As with any contract, there are terms to your employment agreement, both express and implied.

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This also applies to demotions, which the courts view as a lesser form of termination.