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Dating ic liverpool

Some Very Low Frequency sound generators, in certain frequency ranges, CAN CAUSE DISRUPTION OF HUMAN ORGANS, and at high power levels CAN CRUMBLE MASONRY.

The Federal Government has acquired enough high tech psychotronic devices to zap the minds of targeted victims and if necessary even create the APPEARANCE of UFO abductions as an experimental method to conceal a program of injecting tiny computer tracking-chips into targeted subjects. Alexander is involved, have the technical capability to create the effects of ARTIFICIAL UFO abductions, via holography and electromagnetic mind control techniques.organized a meeting on the Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma at which attendees discussed alien abductions, many of which are now being deliberately staged by the government as a propaganda tool to promote the New World Order. What if American GLOBOCOPS could keep the peace or fight future wars without killing or injuring civilians?

Last November, for example, (while attending the secret conference on non-lethal weapons) Lawrence Liverpool physicist Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb) argued that TINY 'NUCLEAR' WEAPONS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED PART OF THE NATIONS NON-LETHAL ARSENAL.

The plan aims to capitalize on a growing confluence of interest between the two departments: With the Pentagon increasingly preoccupied by unconventional, post-Cold War (U. World Army) missions, such as peacekeeping..., Justice Department officials, see an opportunity to apply the fruits of pentagon (and Soviet KGB) research to Americas urban battlefields.

Military researchers define non-lethality a tad more broadly than a municipal attorney.

Nations should develop and train military units for possible U. Effective multinational action will also require coordinated command & control and inter-operability of both equipment and communications.... On May 3, 1994, President Clinton signed an Executive Order Presidential Decision Directive (originally numbered PPD-13, later changed to PPD-25) that places U. After the Feds launched their mass-murdering, flame-throwing attack, some members of David Koreshs church attempted to flee the burning building, but soon as they got outside, they suddenly turned around and ran back INTO the fire - which demonstrated an extreme mental disorientation of the type created by psychotronic mind control weapons.

If multinational units are to work together, they must train together... There is strong evidence that such weapons were used.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL reported that the use of a government high-power electromagnetic device against a single fleeing automobile might stop EVERY car in one or two blocks and also stop EVERY HEART PACEMAKER AS WELL.

"The newspaper described another new 'non-lethal' psychotronic weapon now being designed for government anti-civilian usage: A 'magnetophosphene' gun THAT WOULD INDUCE A VISUAL EFFECT AKIN TO WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PERSON RECEIVES A BLOW ON THE HEAD AND SEES STARS.

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  1. Based off of the Tumblr Prompt of Dark Trio mixed with the typical Tomarry Time Travel Cliche Even with every eye in the Wizarding World on them, Harry, Hermione, and Ron slip around Hogwarts unseen. Whilst the wizarding world sees them as heroes, the truth is much darker.