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The old captain tried in vain to subdue the desire,and the upshot was that he was at length force to the con-clusion that he must either give up religion or the bird. Ferguson ̶ ̶ A certain foreman had been muchtroubled by reason of the delay caused by the young ladiesin the shop. Scott you can sing a good song and singa song well. She's as plump as a partridge and fair As the rose in its earliest bloom; Her teeth will with ivory compare, And here breath with the clover perfume. Wilson ̶ ̶ The newly wedded country gent was regis-tering at the Grand Pacific. " Countryman ̶ ̶ Wall, you might send one upfor her, I guess, but I can piss out of the winder. So what does he do, but hoist himselfonto the window sill and fire away. Rogers ̶ ̶ One of the oldest chestnuts on my list isthat of the young man who wanted to know what thewomens said and did at the sewing circles.

" "Because I aint old enough to have hair onmine yet." Robinson ̶ ̶ Never heard that one before. Ferguson ̶ ̶ I appeal to the king if ̶ ̶ King ̶ ̶ I will drink with the gentleman, certainly. His voice was really musical, but on this occasion itseemed a cross between a bagpipe and a hurdy-gurdy,as without a deal of preliminary he sang THE GRAY MARE. Oneday when they were holding a business meeting in thechurch the young lady came in, passed up to the organ loftand began playing softly. So he called the trustees of the church together and with their reluctant consent laid downthe duty.Out of the past one universal law has proven itself as the funda-mental law of the universe, and the law is reproduction. "The best brains of the centuries past and of to-dayhave paid tribute to this universal law and have outragedthe ruling religious powers by their wantonness in act andrecord.From that which was by procreative force, has come that which is, will come, all that will be. "To guide, to control, to subjugate excess in all thingsis commendable, but total abstinence is folly.I will endeavorbriefly to state the cause of the organization of this body.Since primeval man and his traditions have passed into thegreat has been, and modern civilization with its writtenlanguage and its history has appeared upon the stage oflife, man has been led to the study of man from the planeof reason.

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Every-one stopped work and looked in silent awe upon the angryman. At last the eyes of all turnedrather inquiringly to the lady from the country. Bolton ̶ ̶ It is that story of the young lady organist. "Yer not a horse but yer ahorse's arse." Wheaton ̶ ̶ That reminds me of the sotry of the old Irish woman who saw the clown exhibiting his feats (nothis feet) to the priest, turning summersaults back andforth.