Hare krishna dating website

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Hare krishna dating website

Last week, when the Herald visited, Hare Krishna Island was buzzing with activity and visitors having travelled from all over Ireland to the idyllic lakeland temple to mark one of the most important days in their religious calendar, Janmashtami.The warm summer air was filled with the sounds of signing and chanting, as others prepared a midnight feast that would follow that day’s fasting or put the finishing touches items for use in that night’s procession.

“Sometimes Krishna comes to deliver his devotees and to re-establish religious values in the world,” said Gopal, who originally comes from Poland.

Since 1986, this group has been ever changing, attracting members from all over Ireland and far beyond.

While there are currently only 12 full time residents at the settlement – which is made up of gardens, children’s play areas, grazing ground for cattle, allotments for growing food, a school, open fields, woodland walks, and, its the centre, a large Victorian house that hosts stunning altars to Lord Krishna – that number often grows up to 20, and often includes families and children.

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I was in school in the 80s when the HK movement first hit Ireland - the nuns gave us stern lectures on how dangerous they were.

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