Knoxville jewish dating services

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Knoxville jewish dating services

“And if our plates had been sufficiently large we should have written in Hebrew; but the Hebrew hath been altered by us also; and if we could have written in Hebrew, behold, ye would have had no imperfection in our record.” Mormon -33 From the text we learn that if there would have been more space on the plates, they would have preferred writing in their native Hebrew language and had they been able to do so there would have been “” in their record.

Many of those critical of the Church have pointed to the lack of written Hebrew language in the America’s as evidence against the historicity of the Book of Mormon.

Since the coming forth of the Book of Mormon there has never been more profound evidence of its authenticity than today.

Arguably among the two greatest linguistic discoveries relating to the authenticity of the Book of Mormon are two ancient stones bearing Hebrew inscriptions that can now finally take their rightful place in the history of the world!

Photo’s from , page 167 The Keystone inscription translates as “The Holy of Holies, The Law of God, The King of the Earth, The Word of the Lord” The black Decalogue stone depicts a man in full length robes, a sash and Jewish temple ceremonial hat along with the name of Moses above the image. Photo from The Bat Creek Stone was recovered during a professional archaeological dig by John W.

Many people of the late 1700’s believed that the evidence from the artifacts being dug from the ground supported an occupation of North America by one or more of the lost tribes of Israel.Until now there has been no verification or acceptance of any of these artifacts bearing Hebrew inscriptions as being ancient, authentic or linguistically accurate. A Second Validation of Ancient Hebrew, Confirming its Use in America’s Heartland In June and November of 1860 respected Licking County, (Newark), Ohio surveyor, David Wyrick, unearthed two stones bearing Hebrew inscriptions. Upon translation it was found to be a complete rendition of the 10 commandments.Now, a second independent scientific analysis of a stone having ancient Hebrew inscribed into its surface has been completed in the America’s. The first was a triangular shaped “keystone” (#2 in photo above) and the second was called the “Decalogue” stone (#1) – encased in a sandstone “sarcophagus” (#3-4) and accompanied by a small stone bowl (#5) nearly the size and shape of Hebrew temple ritual bowls. The robed figure on the front is identified by three characters above the head, identifying the figure as “Moses.” To learn more visit the Holy Stones page on professor J. See correlations between the Hebrew characters on the Decalogue stone, Monumental Hebrew found in Israel, and Roman characters with their Hebrew letter names in photo below.They hold that no written language was had by the aboriginal inhabitants of North America until after European exploration.John Wesley Powell while at the Smithsonian even went so far as to claim it was “ documentary clips on the Video Gallery # 24-28).

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At least one of these groups, known as the Nephites, kept a written history of their people on metal plates which were passed down through their prophets for nearly a thousand years.