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Nude chattin on raod

I learned my lesson and from that point forward I have always tanned in the nude…still, the crooked tanline didn’t seem to stop that from being one of my most popular photos!

(See below left.) Anyhoo, we got a lot of really cool shots that day…and I have since shot with him on several occasions.

The thing with Shutterbug is, he could shoot you in a Motel 6 dumpster and make it look beautiful — he’s THAT good with light.

We drove up to the compound, which had a big “NO TRESPASSING” sign in front, but that didn’t stop my militia-man friend from cruising into the yard to see what was up.

Anyhoo, as mentioned Shutterbug is one of my all-time faves…but since him, there’ve been many more.

But BEFORE him, as mentioned, there was only one time I ever posed for a nude photo…back in 2000, when I was toiling as a data entry droid at Adobe Systems back in San Jose, CA, right before I blew town and moved to Vegas.

We shot there for awhile, and then went exploring in the surrounding desert, which form a distance looks flat and boring. An abandoned airfield, a little community of trailers, a mannequin’s arm and a bunch of burned-out, busted up houses… We shot in and among the houses for awhile, until three rednecks rolled up in a pickup truck with a bunch of shotguns, and started blasting away doing target practice RIGHT NEXT TO US. There’s a whole big desert out there, and you have to do your shooting right next to us???

It was kinda cool though, because the staccato noise from their shotguns synced up perfectly with the clicking of the shutter…so it sounded like Shutterbug was literally blasting away!

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I was still fairly new to modeling, so going up into some guy’s house and getting naked was a big deal.

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