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The Observatory Tower is square in plan and built on the smaller motte at the south east corner. The Middle Ward is positioned on a motte which is a raised earthwork 15 metres high.The East façade is Jacobean along its complete length while the West façade, originally Tudor was remodelled and refaced in the mid to late 18th century.Covering an area of more than thirteen acres (five hectares), Windsor Castle provides fortification, a palace, and a small town.The two large stained glass windows were added in 1330.

The prison was built on the castle green enclosure in 1787 and enlarged by the Victorians in 1847.

The Hall is surrounded on three sides by a dry Moat.

Lead-covered spires were later added to all three towers with the central tower making the Cathedral the tallest building in the world (160m) overtaking that of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Part of the tower is Norman, with 14th century adaption’s with an observatory being added in the 19th century by the then governor of the prison which gave it its’ name.

The construction of the castle was to involve the demolition of some 166 houses.

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It eventually surrendered in 1645 on the orders of King Charles I following his capture at nearby Southwell on .