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Robby the Robot cost studio MGM a fortune to make and when filming was concluded he wasn't confined to the prop room.

Instead, he went on tour - appearing in The Twilight Zone, The Man From U.

Robby the Robot from sci-fi film Forbidden Planet has become the world's most expensive piece of classic movie memorabilia after selling for more than million.

The seven-foot robot which has metal claws, a domed head and speaks 188 languages, starred in the 1956 film as the servant of Dr Morbius on Altair IV - known as the Forbidden Planet.

Don't worry, you'll still sound respectful towards them because uncles and aunts commonly go by their first names when their nephews and nieces call them.

If some close friends of your parents are attending, then address them first before any of your relatives.

Dr Catherine Williamson, the director of Entertainment Memorabilia at Bonhams, said: 'This is an out-of-this-world result for one of the most loved items in movie history.'Robby the Robot is one of those symbols of American culture that is embedded in our DNA.'We are thrilled for the consignor, William Malone, who has cared for Robby for so many years and we are delighted that so many of Robby's fans took the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see him at Bonhams.'Forbidden Planet is based on Shakespeare's The Tempest and is based in set in 2257.

It follows a space crew, led by The Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen, who investigate the silence from a planet inhabited by scientists.

The robot also beat the prices paid for the white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven-Year Itch, which made .6million in 2011, and the original 1966 Batmobile, that sold for .6million in 2013.The second rule of thumb is that you want to address the audience in the order of your closeness to them, and then in the order of their positions in the family tree. Greet them with the highest branch first, going downward.Examples: * Uncles & Aunts, Cousins, Mom & Dad * Grandma, Uncles & Aunts, Cousins, Mom & Dad Remember, in this case it will sound awkward to open your speech with the formal “Ladies & Gentlemen”; so don't use it.They find all but two, Dr Morbius and his daughter Altaira, have been killed by a monster which roams the planet.Robby the Robot, which is Dr Morbius's servant, is programmed to obey the Three Laws of Robotics - to not injure a human, obey orders from humans and protect its own existence as long as it doesn't conflict with the first two laws. Robby's previous owner, filmmaker and collector William Malone, said: 'I'm astounded by the result, but also sad to part with him.'However, it's time Robby finds a place where he can be displayed, and with someone who can look after him.

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As a metal, silver also has the highest thermal conductivity.