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Chad's flight wasn't supposed to arrive for another half hour or so. He threw it at Chad to catch in his mouth but Chad missed and the shrimp landed on the floor. Up at Marilyn's, I set her up with the Day 0 log, now with my comments complete, and got her to add her own comments. It was the first time any of us had seen one in person.Given that, Marilyn and I decided to go ahead and get our luggage, then we would come back and wait for Chad. Marilyn: Look at all of the crap that Sam brought with him. Maybe Chad would be better at catching popcorn in his mouth instead. When she was done, I started getting it ready to upload. Marilyn went downstairs to hang with Chad for a bit while I did that. Chad wanted a pancake, so ordered one in addition to his egg meal. She was spinning around and going in circles and such in the sidewalk right next to us for about a minute before she crossed the street and went on her way, but this was the only picture we got.After collecting Chad's baggage, we went to get the rental SUV. We basically just headed to our hotel, checked in and dropped off our stuff. Marilyn wanted to be sure we got a picture of the licence plate, because for the last month or so, everybody had been bugging us about Idaho Potatos, and saying things like "Why would you go to Idaho? After some discussion, we decided not to put all three of us on as drivers. As the flight continued and the batteries on my laptop had died, I pulled my book out to read again. Marilyn read over my shoulder for about half an hour, snickering and laughing at many pages, but at others saying "That's true Sam, you should do that! So we put everything away, and watched out the window as we came in. Marilyn: I think that Sam could use some of the of the tips from the womanizing book but somehow I don't think that the book can turn him into an asshole. Maybe he needs to read a book on How nice guys pick up chicks instead, don't you agree? Just some remnants from rennovations that hadn't yet been cleared away. Somehow, I don't think that Sam should try this at home but if he does he is well equipped with a fire extinguisher that I made him buy at Home Depot. I guess we were in or near the Magic Reservoir at the time.

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So, some time between 10/01/2017 - 10/10/2017 there was a windows 10 update that totally effed with my webcam.

I mean whatever auto-update installed in the background suddenly made my webcam driver completely dissapear. Then, I tried using some other random drivers on the internet I thought may be compatable and nothing.

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Chad and MArilyn went to a nearby grocery store for some basic supplies. I had known it was flakey a few days earlier, but was hoping it would work. Chad was getting quite anxious to leave by this time.