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Who is beverly johnson dating now

“They’re looking for more exotic girls now,” she says.Though Anansa—who uses only her first name professionally—would appear to fill that bill perfectly, she stills plans on earning a law degree.Supermodel Beverly Johnson brought a gunman to force a boyfriend to breakup with her, according to a lawsuit filed by the ex.In documents filed in Riverside County, CA -- Mark Anthony Burk claims Beverly showed up at his home with an armed Chuck Zito, and a separation agreement.

She created history once she glow with prominence as the foremost African American model appearing as the cover-girl of the American Vogue magazine in 1974 August. AT age 13, though her teeth are imprisoned by braces, Anansa Sims has her mother’s lithe grace—as well as her almond-shaped eyes.She shares Mom’s weight—120 lbs.—and already tops her 5’9″ height by a half inch.In 1979, Johnson and Sims separated after only two years of marriage—her second, his third. Sims won, an outcome Johnson attributes to the Kramer vs. “Mothers were no longer being given custody automatically,” she says.“It wasn’t because one parent was fit and the other was not, and I was going up against a man who was much older, wiser, stronger, richer.” Sims, now 55, sees it differently.

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